Baselworld 2019 new Rolex Yacht-Master model?

This is the Baselworld 2019 rumored new Rolex Yacht-Master model by This Swiss replica comes in 904L stainless steel with solid Ceramic bezel insert and the new Rolex 3135 Swiss Cloned movement.

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The new Swiss replica Rolex Submariner D-Blue Blaken by is the dream comes true for all Rolex replica watch lovers. The Submariner D-Blue is one of the most beautiful watches ever made. We bet Rolex will add this magnificent model to their collection in the near future. Our Rolex Submariner D-Blue Swiss replica is equipped with genuine Swiss made Rolex 3135 clone movement.

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New 4130 Rolex Clone Swiss made movement manufactured by!

The new 4130 Rolex Clone Chronograph movement is a dream come true for all Rolex replica watch enthusiasts. The movement design studio has replicated 1:1 the 4130 Rolex master piece and now our Rolex Daytona Chronographs are exclusively equipped this remarkable new Swiss movement. replica Rolex watches won’t only fool on the outside but even a jeweler will be taken in by the new 4130 Rolex Clone movement and even in a timegrapher will see the exact 28.000 vibrations per hour Rolex has. This results to a fine sweep seconds hand motion watch that it’s identical inside out as a real Rolex.

New Basel 2016 Rolex Swiss replica models are coming exclusively on!

The 2016 Rolex new watches are already in the designing studio and the production is staring very soon. watchmakers are working now on the new 2016 Rolex Swiss replica watch projects. Swiss watch replication team is working on the new dial colors and manufacturing details. These new colorful dials look very vibrant and their production is no easy task. When the new Rolex 2016 watches are available will be added to our watch gallery along with their analytic technical specs. Stay tuned!

The new Rolex 2015 Yacht-Master Swiss replica watch is available now!

Order now the new 2015 Rolex Yachtmaster (reference 116655) Swiss replica from The watch comes with black ceramic bezel, black dial with blue glow Superluminova markers, Rubber B strap and the Rolex 3135 clone Swiss movement.

The new Yacht-Master features the Rolex caliber 3135 clone automatic Swiss movement and a Swiss made rubber strap. The black rubber bracelet made in a soft and flexible vulcanized rubber, providing superior resistance to damage and exterior environmental elements such as Ozone, UV, and the harsh aggressions of an aquatic environment. The new black ceramic bezel is added on the 18k Rose Gold PVD plated Oyster case! Get yours today!

The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual 2015 replica watch project. When it will produce?

The 2015 Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch comes in 39, 34, 31 and 26mm case size dimensions and in five different dial colors. watchmakers start working on this new Swiss replica watch project. Swiss watch replication team must decide which case size will finally go to production. The 39 and 31mm sizes are more likely to be produced.

Also another major factor for the production of this new Swiss replica watch is 100% dial color and finish replication. These new dials have a sunlight brush effect and their production is no easy task. When this new watch gets the green light for production then will announce the analytic technical specs of the new Rolex Swiss replicas.

Add a new summer look to your Rolex Swiss made watch!


The new Rubber straps for Rolex watches will add a fresh new look to your watch. Rubber straps are made by Vulcanized Rubber in Switzerland and they come with a 904L Stainless Steel Oysterlock folding safety clasp engineered to fit all Rolex watches (replica and genuine ones) with 20mm lug width.

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The new Rolex 3255 movement is on the table! Will it be produced?

The new Rolex 3255 automatic movement is 2X more precise than a certified chronometer and has an amazing 70 hours power reserve. These are the 2 main reasons that the movements developing team start working on this project. movements developing team has completely disassembled a genuine Rolex caliber 3255 and start working by analyzing all the movement components in terms of design and metal alloys used. This way we can determine the replication cost for this new Rolex movement. The Swiss movements cloning projects always have limits.

If the manufacturing cost for a perfect clone Swiss made movement is more than $900 per caliber than this movement won’t be produced by because the retail price of such a watch will be over $2000. When our movement developing team has the analytic cost report for this new Rolex 3255 caliber project then will announce if it will be clone produced or not.

Why is the No1 Rolex Swiss made replica watch seller?

There are many qualities of Rolex replicas in the market. Most of them aren’t even made in Switzerland, and don’t even have a Swiss-made part inside them. is a Swiss replica watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Also the lack of smooth communication is another sign of a bad company. If you cannot reach them before you buy, how can you expect to reach them if you have a problem after you’ve paid? Those means if they do not have a phone number for you to get a hold of them any time and if you can’t talk to a live person and get nothing but a voicemail, that they can’t even speak English. There are countless tales on the Internet about people who have handed over their money, only to receive junk products. You must always create a smooth communication before making an internet purchase. has call centers in USA and Europe and our friendly staff has watchmaking knowledge to assist you. Our after sales support rivals any Swiss watch supplier on the internet.

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