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I can't believe my new Rolex replica. My dad owns quite a few real ones and can not tell the difference! THANK YOU!
Placed on July 28, 2016
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My new Rolex Deepsea from Solidswiss.cd is identical to my brother genuine Deepsea and I love it. The watch is heavy and holding it side by side with the genuine Deepsea there is no way you can tell which one is the genuine. Thanks for this perfect replica. I just ordered a Datejust for everyday use. Thanks.
Max, Latvia
Placed on June 12, 2016
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Beautiful! The Solidswiss.cd Submariner came last week and its very well build with a heavy and expensive feel in the hand. All my friends keep asking me about it and of course they think its genuine! Thanks.
Arthur, Boston
Placed on May 30, 2016
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The Solidswiss.cd Rolex Deepsea is my dream watch come true. I received the watch last week and it looks like a real Rolex and everybody looks at it and think its a genuine Rolex because of the weight and precise solid construction. Perfect!
Jonny, Detroit
Placed on May 28, 2016
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Hola. My Solidswiss.cd Deepsea came and its beautiful. The watch is heavy and has all Rolex details on it. The crown screws down tight and the movement is very smooth. thanks for this beautiful watch!
Pablo, Madrid
Placed on May 26, 2016
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My watch came and Its very good. It looks like a real Rolex and feels heavy and solid. I got the 4 years Solidswiss warranty so I have full cover since I swim a lot and I wear my Solidswiss Deepsea all the time. Good deal!
Ken, Florida
Placed on May 24, 2016
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Nice site, great Rolex box set and the cherry on the pie is this amazing Solidswiss.cd Daytona replica that is just stunning when you see it live. The watch is very well build and I love the feeling of it in my wrist!
Greg, Canada
Placed on May 23, 2016
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Way better than expected! In 14 days I received the Solidswiss.cd Rolex Submariner and its very well build and heavy. The seconds hand motion its very smooth and the watch looks like a genuine Rolex. By far its the best Rolex replica I've ever seen.
Martin, Spain
Placed on May 22, 2016
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My watch came and it looks like a real Rolex. Are you sure that you sent me a Solidswiss.cd Submariner Swiss replica and not a real Rolex? The photos on your site can't describe this amazing watch. Simply perfect!
Justin, Texas
Placed on May 21, 2016
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Very nice. My watch came and its actually better than I expected it. The Solidswiss Deepsea looks exactly like the genuine Rolex and feels very well in my wrist.The clasp and crow works smoothly and the movement is very silent. Over all this is a great buy and I love it.
Liam, FLorida
Placed on May 20, 2016